Sunday, October 25, 2009

Voice Thread...I need to get a microphone!

This is just a quick update on my voice thread...

I tried to finish my Cabo VoiceThread yesterday. I put in my phone number and VoiceThread called me, so I was ready to record! I re-recorded my first picture, then used the automatic feature to "turn the page" to the next picture. I finished recording that one and then it said, "I'm sorry. You have used up all of your minutes." So I went to my VoiceThread and tried to do the calling option again, and it says you can pay $10 for 1 hour of time. Well, I guess I'm waiting until I get to school to try and finish, because I don't really want to pay the $10. Call me cheap...

Oh well! I guess I know now that I'll be investing in a microphone!

Look for my finished product tomorrow night! I hope!
I was also searching the VoiceThread website to see what other things have been posted. I found one called "Four Images that More or Less Represent Katherine." This is an interesting one that I would actually like to do for myself. I think it would be interesting to do it now and one in a few years and so on to see if anything changes. I think this could be useful for upper grades in some capacity (not sure exactly how it would tie in). One other VoiceThread I found that I would like to use with my class is one called "Picture Writing." This one is a third grade class that recites their poems corresponding with their pictures. I think this would be a really easy way to share students' poetry with each other and with family and friends. I am REALLY excited to use this with my first graders and my own kiddos too!

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