Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I can't even express to you how frustrated I am right now!!! Ugh! I have tried and tried and tried to complete my VoiceThread. But, to no avail. I tried Saturday and again on Sunday with no luck. Then I brought a microphone home from school yesterday to finish it at home, but my lovely laptop wouldn't do anything with it. I worked with it for about an hour before finally giving up. For whatever reason my laptop will not recognize the microphone when it is attached to my computer. I get nothing-absolutely nothing!

Then, I tried doing it at school today and nothing again! Nothing! I even had our tech support person (thanks Cindy!) try to figure it out during my entire prep time, but even she couldn't figure it out! So then we wondered if it was the microphone. So we tested it with Photostory. It worked with that, so we knew it wasn't the microphone. Then I tried it again with VoiceThread, and nothing!

Cindy even tried emailing the VoiceThread helpdesk to figure it out after school. She went through the tutorial that I did last night and still nothing. Really, I am so frustrated, because I was so excited to do this project! I've viewed so many of your VoiceThreads...they are beautiful! I only wish I had something to show for it. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow and see if something clicks. Ugh...technology-it's a love/hate relationship!

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  1. I just stumbled on this entry now ("frustration") and find it to be a delicious example of cyber therapy ;-)

    I'm so glad to know that, 7 weeks later, you are thriving in matters related to microphones, voicethread, photo story, etc.