Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I know you've all been anxiously waiting...drumroll, please!
My VoiceThread is ready! We tried a couple more things today and we finally have success. I got a new microphone and that worked today. I'm not sure why the other one didn't work, but this one does and I'm done! You'll notice that I also have some typed comments. This is because I didn't know if I would get the voice part done in time, so I typed my comments just to be safe.
It is always nice to try these things first, before diving into a project with your students because you never know what might happen. I'm just glad I got it done because it really was driving me crazy.
Ok, deep breath...


  1. So...I don't want to burst your bubble...(and it might TOTALLY be something I did wrong)...but I couldn't use the link above to see your voicethread.

    That link took me to the log-in page for voicethread. When I logged in it said I don't have access to that particular voice thread...

    But I do want to see it! You can show me tomorrow in class :)

  2. Your trip to Cabo looked amazing. It was also fun to check out your family blog. Your kids sure are cute.