Monday, October 19, 2009

Rebecca Brewster, now reporting

Well, as I end my first role play experience, I can tell you that this was a lot more difficult than I had first anticipated. I was thinking that my role as a media person would be easier than taking sides on an issue. In fact, the opposite was true.

I found myself wanting to weigh in on many different discussions, but was unable to do so based on my position as "media." I wanted to stay as neutral as possible, but really wanted to make my opinions known, whether it be for or against a particular viewpoint.

I also found it difficult to post different stories, because I felt like I was pulling things out of the blue. Not knowing what direction to go with my forum posts, I kind of tried to think of the things I was wondering about. Then I found it a funny feeling if people didn't post a reply to a post. It was kind of that personal piece even though it was totally annonymous.

I would love to do another role play with a different topic and take a different stance on the topic-definitely not neutral like I did this time. That was a safe play on my part.

More to come it is time for Rebecca to sign off!

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