Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In the past few posts I have forgotten to include my resource links. Oops! So, here I am as I reflect on things I have come across while looking online or while doing reading for this class... While doing the choice reading for week 2, I came across this classroom blog page for a first grade class. It was amazing to me to look at the different things she had done then and what she has done now with her class. I look at the posts and think, When does she have the time and energy to do this?! But, I suppose with anything, it's all about what you get used to doing, and it ends up being just another part of your day.

One of the most interesting videos I came across while doing my research as a part of my Ning role play really shed light on what I've been thinking as we've been in this digital writing course. I really wonder at what point the teachers will catch up with the kids. I think this probably comes across more strongly in the secondary grades. I know that when it comes to texting-just a small piece of technology-I am much further behind than many kids! I suppose there will always be some sort of gap because the technology continues to change more rapidly than what schools can keep up with. I'll have to go back to the Ning, because I know there was a posting about the continuing gap in new technology and when it "arrives" in schools. I'll connect the link when I find that.

I will be adding to these resources, but this is what I have for now!

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  1. I really worry about my students outpacing me when it comes to digital technology. I don't want to look like a fool in front of them! One of the things I do at my school is coordinate the classes that the French interns must take as part of the requirement for their visa. It's only my second year and this year I decided to have a class wiki and asked the interns to do professional blogs (yep, pretty much ripped this idea off of Candance). I find myself feeling really anxious whenever anyone emails me with questions related to their blog. I kind of want to say "Hey, I know just as little as you do about this. Maybe you could do a google search or even troubleshoot a little yourself." I have to remind myself of when Candance said she's not an expert and that she's learning along with us. I'm learning along with the interns, but at times I still feel like a big phony!