Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Winners Are...

So here I am going through my own blog postings, and it's hard! How do you pick your best when that's not what we really are conditioned to do? Usually we are told to do the opposite. It's not often that we are told to seek out the best-it usually goes, "Find something you can improve on." So, here it goes...
I liked this post on digital searches where I made reference to some of the readings that we had done as well as posting some resources to go along with the post. I also like it because it "sounds" most professional. I don't know if it is, but it seems like it to me in some ways.
For creativity, the award goes to...Role Play! I don't think there was a lot of creativity in piecing it together, but I feel like the content leads to creativity, and that's why I picked it.
Hmmm...I think all of my posts are pretty much the same. The only thing I played around with was where the photos went within each post. Perhaps it could be this one on Digital Storytelling, just in the way that I presented it with my voice and using a sort of "comeback line" of "Overwhelming." I'm not sure if that really goes into design, but that's what I'm going with for now.
Like I said, it is very hard to go through these posts and find the good in all of them because I'm usually so critical when it comes to finding the good in something I'm trying for the first time. I would have to agree with many of the posts I've read through, in that design and creativity are coming through more through my own family blog.
Now, do I really have to pick just one blog that I think is the best? Hmmm...
Well, there are a few I would choose, and they are mostly for their voice and the enjoyment I had while reading them. So I pick Kelsey and Debi. For me, these are the easiest to read and easiest to relate to. The way they designed their blogs was easy to follow. They both have clean looks and things I understand. So much of their blogs was just "them!" I felt as if I got to know them better through their posts and their projects. So thanks, girls, for the opportunity to get a glimpse of you through this class. It was great fun!
I also want to thank Candance for giving us this "assignment." It's one of the best I've ever had with any class I've taken. I have taken risks with digital writing I wouldn't otherwise know about with this class and blog. You've given us an opportunity to explore each other's blogs and learn so much from each other. What an authentic way to learn!

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