Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Digital Searches...How do you narrow it down?

When I first looked through the information in this week's reading, I thought to myself, "What do I know about searching online with my kids?" The answer is, "Not much!" I think that's a result of not having branched out on my own searching. My end-all-be-all: Google. I've become a Google Junkie, having done so much work through Google this summer. I can't recall a time when I haven't used Google to do my searching online.

As I was reading about using online search engines, I realized I don't know much information about them. Being a primary teacher, there are very few times when my kids even go on the internet. We do use a few search tools, but not very often at all. Most times these are done in large group settings since you have to be very specific with the language in some search engines.

For me, I can see how many different options would be beneficial in different searching situations. The only thing would be to determine how to figure out what information is legitimate. I liked how the reading pointed to the unpredictability of general online searches, instead suggesting that going to a database: "Given the difficulties with search engines, librarians suggst that students are better off going directly to database collections..." (Jenkins, 27). If I were doing online research or had students doing online research, I think I would try to direct that research in the direction of databases with creditable resources. Not to say that Google and Wikipedia aren't creditable...maybe just not as such.

Overwhelming is the last word I would leave with in regards to searching online. How do you narrow it down? I'm not quite sure...I have yet to figure that out!

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  1. I too am a Google junkie (with a little bit of Wikipedia thrown into the mix)! I feel a little unprepared to help my students navigate the Web when I also feel like a novice when it comes to finding things. If I were to go onto the Internet with primary-age kids, I think I'd be tempted to bring in a librarian or media specialist who could better model and explain how to find resources online.