Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First "Real" Post

So, as I sit here, trying to do my reading, my attention goes to the computer. Isn't it funny how that didn't used to be the case? I don't ever go one evening without sitting down, turning on the computer, and reading my email. I've also started reading the paper online and following other blogs. Now this would not have been the case even one year ago, when we didn't have the laptop. Mobility makes all the difference. I am excited to learn more about how digital literacy really has value in a primary classroom. What can I do for my kiddos that will really make a difference in their learning? That's the question I have and ask the most as newer technology comes out. Will 6 and 7 year olds really get it? Or is it just for me to say, "My kids did this with this technology."? That's what I don't want. Hopefully some of those questions will be answered, or if not answered, helped.

As I finish this post and thing about digital writing as a writer, I find that I love it! Never in any other aspect of my life do I get to sit and get this much information and thought out on screen. :) I know I will be starting my own personal blog for my familiy (wishing I would have done it earlier). As a teacher of writing, it still puzzles me as to how I can fit it in with my kids. We will see!

...a resource I use for my own enjoyment (not sure if this is a connection-if not, I'll do another one) and hope to use for my own writing inspiration on my own blog: mycharmingkids.net


  1. Kim, you make an excellent point about the idea of mobility and how that helps us to rely on our electronic devices. I find myself turning to my laptop all of the time as if it is an extra brain. I look forward to seeing what you do for your family blog, a very fun practice, especially after the kiddos are in bed.

  2. Kim,
    I really agree with you that there needs to be some purpose for us to use technology other than to just say at the end of a project "Well, we used the computer to do something we could have done without the computer." In my classroom, I find myself often planning activities for my students to do using KidPix that they could probably just as easily do without KidPix (and without the headaches associated with helping young kids log on and use a computer). I'd like to come up with better ways to use technology so that it enhances the learning, rather than replacing it.

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  4. Hi, Kim and Kelsey-

    I agree with you both. It often feels as though I am reinventing the wheel (or trying to) just to verse my kids in a specific kind of software.

    I try to tell myself that what I'm building is a general understanding of how programs work, so that new programs start to feel intuitive for the kids. One thing I'm sure we've all noticed is students' (usual) fearlessness about trying new programs/games/etc. When I contrast this with the general technological sentiments of older folks...well, let's just say it's heartening.


  5. I agree with you about the computer being such a essential tool! My husband I seem to take turns breaking away from toddler chasing to get a few minutes on our computer each night. We read the paper, check email, catch-up with friends, and in his case, check sports scores. Makes me wonder what we ever did without it. Going on FB is my guilty pleasure that helps me have some 'no brain' time as I call it!